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I'm a native Texan. I attended Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, for a bachelor's degree in business administration.

I'm the founder of Romance Noir Book Club and I'm also a member of The Writer's Block and Black Writers Alliance.  I'm a member of the Hospitality Ministry at my church (Friendship West Baptist Church).
I think I should have started writing down my ideas before I was born. Really! You see my grandmother; Sarah Robinson was a peach in her day. And boy, did she have stories to tell. I just wish it wasn't so dark inside my Mom, I could have gotten alot of work done in there.
My Mom said by the time I turned three I had about six little friends that no one could see, but me. Hey, they were my friends, I don't see the problem here. We're still very close friends today.
I love writing romance because I like happily ever after. I try to make them somewhat funny because life itself is serious enough.
I try to treat people how they want to be treated--with the utmost respect. If I do that they can't treat me any other way.
I have been married to a wonderful man for fifteen years. We dated for five years and realized we weren't going anywhere, so we said, "I do". My in-laws are not my out-laws. They are wonderful people and have always been that way.
I love taking family vacations with my loved ones whom I hold dear.  Family and friends are very important to me.
Well, that's all about me. Now, just think if I had some kids.